Taffet Page

If you want to learn how to be a GREAT human being,
Just become a Taffet!!

Most of us have cousins, and most of us (hopefully) have friends.
When that wonderful rarity occurs, where both are one and the same,
it is a true blessing.

Anyone who knows the Taffets: Sol, Hannah, Sara, and Eddie, can only speak warmly of how much these four amazing human beings so richly fulfill the ideals we all carry about what friends and family are all about.

When you're down, and troubled, and you need a helping hand, these four people are paradigms of peoplehood reflected in the warmest lights of sunshine and rachmones.    How fortunate we are to know people like the Taffets.

To those who think that Sol Taffet could enjoy nearly fifty straight years of internal fulfillment and happiness ONLY because his wife and children turned out to be as full of life and living as he chose to be, partial credit is given for a correct statement.

In order to score 100, you'd have to include my Uncle Sol's enrichment by enriching others, specifically with food. Even after retirement, comfortable and then some, he just couldn't resist the allure and pleasure of feeding people great and memorable meals.

With both children independent & professionally successful, Uncle Sol and his beloved Hannah could well have made the decision to move here, there, or wherever to enjoy their retirement, and chose to stay close to what they most loved -- their children, their extended family & friends... and food.   Their golden years were merely being continued.

That's right, food: Uncle Sol was gifted at birth with the ability to make a meal so well-presented, so delicious, that people walked out of his restaurant happy... ...
...happy by the thousands.

It is quite reasonable to believe that, when you enjoy feeding people, and you get to invest a half century serving a quarter of a million one-of-a-kind meals, identical to each other only in the sense of the excellence with which it was prepared and presented, you have a right to sit back and smile, as does my Uncle Sol. That's why, when I was serving wonderful Italian food at Saparito's, in Westchester, I slipped out to grab some delights from the kosher delicatessen nearby, and upon asking for my desired food, who should call out my name but Uncle Sol, who I thought would be 'chillin' out' with Aunt Hannah in their golden years.

No, Sol Taffet simply had to be around good food, and be a part of bringing such epicurean pleasure to people as he'd been doing for the better part of a half-century.... one meal at a time.


Every time I have encountered my cousins Sara and Eddie, their welcome has been warm, unjudgmental, and... well, as cousinly as one wishes for. their faces at such time are a visual form of music, playing the sweetest of notes.

With a less-than-empowering childhood, it is clear that a part of my being who, where, and what I am, is thanks in no small part to the abiding love of my childhood friends... ... and cousins... Sara and Eddie Taffet.     May they live long and prosper!!

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More than anything, you're urged, with the utmost vigor of discourse, to reach out and do more, be more, have more of the wonderful moments in life that you, and all of us, love the best. The Taffets are great role models for you and I. Admiring THEIR passionate embrace of life and love is almost as good as feeling that wonderfully warm sensation yourself.

There has to be at least ONE thing you love to do that you can do more of today.   Do it!

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  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  

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