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MisterShortcut, is your host for The Highway Of Natural Ways, using the high-tech bionetic and biofeedback device called BodyScan2010. Bodyscans are perfectly painless and non-invasive.

No drugs or surgery, in fact, no discomfort. Make use of the most advanced biofeedback devices to identify precisely what is wrong, what is out of balance, what is present in the body that shouldn't be, and then embarks upon a set of recommendations designed to return you to balanced, normal health as quickly as nature can do for us, when it's matched by peerless wisdom of people who have enjoyed spectacular success in this (or any) given subject.

Dr. Cohen proves why he in America USA Brooklyn NY, teaching fantastically advanced information on Bodyscan2010, EMI therapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, quantum reflex analysis (QRA), and so much more in the way of healing naturally.

The mission of MisterShortcut remains one of sharing the best possible information on living younger, living longer, living happier.

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For alternative medicines and complementary therapies.

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One reason I believe that "Top Doctor in NY", "Top Doctors in New York or America,",
"Greatest Doctor in America", and yes, even "Greatest Doctor on Earth"

everything comes down to YOU learning more in order to live more.   Such simple decisions, such minor changes in how you're living...
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Dr. Cohen, as the best naturopathic doctors in America or the world, and perhaps reasonably known as one of the top doctors in NY or America,
is also a certified expert in Nutri-Spec, SpectraVision, Bodyscan, QXCI, and a certainly impressive range of natural alternatives, such as mineral infrared therapy, acoustic cardiograph,emotional harmony, the Bodyscan2010 of course, managing stress in a more healthy way, alternatives to chiropractic, QXCI and so much more, can be likened to a living encyclopedia of information on healing naturally as a healthier alternative to conventional medicine.
Learn more about alternative medicine and complementary therapies, because they are much healthier alternatives to the dangers of conventional medicine.

MisterShortcut Lifebook and alternative medicines and remedies do not kill or injure people. They also heal at a higher level of success, a more consistent success,
than any regimen of phamaceuticals ever invented... because none of them attack the body, whereas ALL phamaceuticals by their design attack the human immune system,
depressing it far enough to create such danger that the body goes into hyper-overdrive to defeat the direct assault.

If you did not know this before, you know it know, and can confirm it from any and all of thousands of sources that you trust:

Learn to heal yourself naturally with complementary therapies and alternative medicines, because they work. They present our best hope for healthy and effective alternatives to conventional medicine.

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