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BIG reminder from the Highway Of Natural Ways, in hope that you are moving into higher gear, eliciting YOUR best from within.

This is your life. No one can live it for you, nor make your mistakes or home runs. Understanding this leads to the next step.

Identifying precisely what you want, establishing a deadline, listing the people who can help you, and why you want it.

Let the single sentence before this be your guide, your cynosure, the center of your most focused attention, daily.
Even a few minutes not only can, as well ASSURES you of more rapid progress than you've been making.
The catch, of course, is that you must do so relentlessly, because the Highway Of Natural Ways does reward persistence.
There are few master secrets of the universe as potent, or as guaranteed as the master secret of focused, repetitive persistence.
Nothing, as a former President taught us a century ago, nothing on earth can take the place of persistence, or what it routinely delivers up.
Make today special, by identifying what you want, by when, and who can help.
Yes, there are other steps, and still, when these three are completed, magic can happen.
MisterShortcut broke or shattered hundreds and hundreds of world records, by dividing days to pieces.
Investing even a few minutes on each task, it means that you get to build thousands of days of experience.

Don't stop learning! Embrace the Highway Of Natural Ways, and see how the Highway Of Natural Ways reciprocates!