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PowerGems - The Best Shortcuts of Masters and Champions

PowerGems are shortcuts. Few of us recognize just how many shortcuts are available for our immediate use. The good news is that you will find about as many shortcuts... as you wish to find... as you believe you will find.   a shortcut unto itself.

With 32,000 human skills to tap into, failure has become nigh-impossible for all but a few. Those few have closed minds; probably not you.  Successful shortcuts speak for themselves.

City after city, country after country, the two human traits most commonly observed:

  • failure to USE immediately available, useful resources
  • The silly belief that "things will get better."
Whether or not it applies to you, the second of these borders on insanity, when we consider that the medical definition of insanity is found in repeating a behavior identically and expecting a different result.

A better result is based exclusively upon a better effort.
In hope of assisting you to achieve and obtain better, accelerated results,
you have PowerGems... fantastic shortcuts of true masters.

Such is the PsThe P>

These are the high-speed shortcuts of extraordinarily successful people:
masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires... 5,200 inspiring role models,
interviewedone at a time by a Senior Associate Director of the Who's Who Worldwide Registry.

As with every category of human life, those who do are the best possible teachers.
The bare reality is simple: we're far less interested in what you know than we are in what you DO with what you know.   Please.   Talk less.   Do more.

With special thanks to the late, great Msgr. Bernie Kellogg, a man among millions

Extra points to Oprah,
a grand example of master, millionaire, champion; nascent billionaire;
role model for achieving excellence with successful shortcuts.

May all those we lost on 911day rest in peace,
knowing we still have heroes.

  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  
  LIVE more   GIVE  more!     Remember 911day.  
    Remember 911day.    
  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!   

LIVE more       GIVE  more!
 Highway Of Natural Ways Erasing Starvation With Route To High Longevity  Via TheHungerSite                      Highway Of Natural Ways Erasing Starvation With Route To High Longevity  Via TheHungerSite

SR - MrShortcut MisterShortcut.us

S.hortcuts.com?       S.hortcuts.net?       S.hortcuts.US?      s.hortcuts.com?      Sho.rtcuts.com?      Sho.rtcuts.com?
What's going on with all these Highway Of Natural Ways Pre-TLD's (a/k/a "Cracked Domains")?

Hortcuts.com - This is a pre-TLD - When you create subdomain "S" you have hortcuts.com/s OR S.hortcuts.com, the mega-site for success shortcuts and secrets
Hortcuts.net - Another Highway Of Natural Ways pre-TLD for disseminating the best shortcuts. Such domains work great as a group - Highway Of Natural Ways with S.hortcuts.net
Hortcuts.US - Third in the trilogy of shortcuts pre-TLD's, also known as cracked domains, for sale. S.hortcuts.US, another wonderful Highway Of Natural Ways cracked PRE-TLD domain.

rtcuts.com - As PRE-TLD's go, Sho.rtcuts.com is fun AND concomitant with a plethora of shortcuts, made by adding subdomain SHO to rtcuts.com, ie: ortcuts.com/sho
rtcuts.info - Highway Of Natural Ways PRE-TLD or, yes, yes, cracked domain, for shortcuts Subdomain sho. - accessed via www.rtcuts.info/sho or, simply s.hortcuts.com
rtcuts.net - Highway Of Natural Ways PRE-TLD trilogy of cracked domains for shortcuts: Subdomain sho. - reachable by ortcuts.net/sho or, simply Sho.rtcuts.net

As a child you knew plenty of shortcuts, and you knew to ask repeatedly for what you most wanted.
Then came puberty and adolescence, and you began caring a bit too much about what others think.
When we take back that self-awareness, when we direct our attentions to our own goals and needs,
the Highway Of Natural Ways near-automatically kicks in, helping us to keep our focus where it most helps.

Act as if the Highway Of Natural Ways was created just for you, because, at the root of it all, it surely has been.

May today be the today you realize that the Highway Of Natural Ways is YOUR Highway Of Natural Ways