Highway Of Natural Ways of those people doing it better than YOU
Wanting more means doing more. It's simple, and gets easier with time.

Now that you have determined that you ARE going to have more ________
or learn to _______ or to finally put complete focus on _________,
let's use some shortcuts to accelerate your results.

We start by acknowledging that whatever it is... will not happen by accident. By itself, excellence cannot occur accidentally. Whatever steps are taken along the way, they're not serendipitous steps; they're planned steps. If you think you "know in your mind" exactly what needs to be done, we can see how well you know it by how much it shows in your life, and in how the rest of us view you.

Now if you took that negatively, you're right. If you took that positively, you're also right. Henry Ford invented the automobile, for crying out loud; he obviously thought on levels that are different from yours or mine. If you enjoy sufficient wisdom to really grasp the truth of that, then it means that his advice on subjects he is more expert in must surely be effective shortcuts!

By eliminating some eighty to ninety percent of all trial and error, you have a guaranteed shortcut.

What exactly is it about the word "shortcuts" that turns you off? Is it guilt for not having earned the best knowledge without shedding blood, sweat, and/or tears for it? Don't be ridiculous. The purpose of a chocolate chip cookie recipe is to save you from the majority of trial and error cycles, bringing you to the desired finished product faster and more efficiently. Everything else is the unique imprint you place with your personality, temperament, words, and actions.

In the same paragraph of time that you understand this, you definitively harness a unique power of nature designed by the Architect of the Universe with tranparently clear intent. No excellence can exist accidentally. Therefore everything of excellence was intended. Highly accelerated results are a natural extension of this, proven by the fact that they work approximately 100 percent of the time!

You get to place your imprimatur, a single word to describe the combination of your personality and your temperament, your knowledge and your outlook. When we add your imprimatur to the words and actions of those who've already done it even more than a hundred times better than most of us, you have defined accelerated success, accelerated results through the use of shortcuts. Who amongst us is qualified to offer shortcuts more effective than the specific Best Shortcuts of Winners and Champions, the shortcuts and so-called secrets of champions and billionaires?

"But if I've never done it before, how am I supposed to know how?"

Whatever my personal ideas and opinions were, there is no better source than the horse's mouth, those who do it better; those who do it better than any of us and do it repeatedly better than all of us. The more I approached masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, the more they responded, but I must say that you WILL find they'll repond to you at least ten out twenty tries from the start.

In three years I was able to study, interview and/or break bread with, more than five thousand of the most successful people in history (mostly modern history). I was able to study tapes, books, research, experimentation reports, videos, and more.... full time. In my case, that's characteristically 100 to 130 hrs per week.

Throughout this period, I tried to list every common word and action among these people. Whittling my collected notes to about 4000 pages, and 200 tape cassettes and several hundred biographies-autobiographies, & everything I could find about these people
. At the same time, I experimented with some of the commonalities, which are reasonably called "shortcuts" in my own life. It seemed to me that nooooooobody knows better about how to do something..... than people who have done it. Not talked about it, advised about it, suggested/demanded/offerred; no, no, no, we're talking about PEOPLE WHO WENT OUT AND DID IT.

They are the horse's mouth. Everyone else, from my coign of vantage, can be found at the other end of the horse.

Thanks primarily to the incredible Best Shortcuts of Winners and Champions, three years grew into four years, five, and beyond, studying, interviewing, breaking bread with role models.

 NOTE: Write a short note to ten people who are already world-class at whatever YOU would like to be world-class at. Acknowledge with civility that they are among the best in the world, that you're inviting them to lunch or dinner in hope that they'll be a one-time 30-minute mentor to someone who wants to grow up just like them.

You will be shocked to see how many of them will respond with a yes.

Talk about shortcuts! What you learn in any one of those half-hours will help you to alter and accelerate your results in ways you're now barely aware of.

It is specifically because of this one high-powered shortcut that I most likely play guitar and piano better than you; paint; compose songs; created the largest, and possibly prettiest personal website in existence, connecting over 1,000,000 web pages on 1,089 connected websites.... all by my own hand, and more.

I'm no smarter than you. I simply have a burning desire to be excellent... and to be recognized for the effort required of excellence.     That means a willingness to shut up and find people who are doing it better than I am.

The good fortune, the "good luck" of breaking so many records is a direct result and use of one high-powered shortcut:   going directly to people who are known to be world-class in their fields and gleaning their shortcuts.

I'd like to let you in on a secret:   I did not break 177 records at seven large NY companies.     We broke all those records. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't talent;   it was hunger.       Remember that it's the hungriest man who wins the race.   Always.
  Without a doubt, those records were broken and shattered EXCLUSIVELY through The Highway Of Natural Ways : repeated daily use of the IDENTICAL words, sentences, questions and actions I was able to glean from world-class masters: commonalties of those who are doing it.

Making use of this shortcut is absolutely, utterly, and one-conditionally guaranteed to provide you with a rich yield of better, faster results in every human effort.   The one condition of course, is that you shut up and put it to use. Everything else is useless chatter.
The commonality that first leaped into view with each Olympic champion and Fortune 100 CEO; with the fellow in New England who offers over a thousand types of gorgeous, even exotic omelets, or the gentleman who combined Macy's with Federated Department Stores and then went on to quickly and completely reverse the ailing state of Zayle's Diamonds (Mr. Anthony DiNicola), is the common trait of wanting something specific, something that could be stated out loud in 10 words or less.

I specifically sought people who'd accomplished a great feat or skill not merely once, but numerous times in order to weed out any possibilities of coincidence or so-called luck.

I set an arbitrary figure of five separate accomplishments of the same thing as my base minimum, later emending that to three after it became clear that the second demonstration of excellence is ample to prove the value of a specific shortcut.

Quite a few surprises! Most notable of all is the simplicity of most of the greatest powers that people continually demonstrate too profound a stupidity to use.

That doesn't mean that people are stupid, although some of us are. It means that they act stupidly when they posses something of value and basically throw it into a trash compactor. That's great for an aluminum dealer, not too useful for you, today.

The idea of acceleration means, most often, some measurable result within a set period, whether you're asking someone to give you something the day after tomorrow, or right this minute. The simplicity of billionaires telling us again and again and again that they are billionaires just because they ask for what whey want more than anyone else does, has to have some kind of beneficial effect, an instant beneficial effect for those who wish to duplicate the results of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

Numerous surprises indeed! Remember, all this information is coming from corporate CEO's who have run several large corporations in most cases, all of whom started without a nickel to their names or similarly "disastrous" or "challenged" beginnings. Those who are doing it better, those who are doing it better, those who are in fact doing it better.

Should you have the intelligence to actually use some of what you'll be reading (90% of you, no matter what your education levels are, are so stupid that you will never read most of this book, let alone use the magic found in these pages. Never mind "why," it's just a fact that less than 20% of all books picked up get read cover to cover.

For those of you who DO actually make the decision to prove that you are better than we now believe you to be; for those of you who definitively understand WHY we don't have a higher opinion of you, you're going to get pretty excited about whichever techniques make the most sense to you, because every one of them accelerates the quality AND quantity of your results.

About five percent of you are going to get astounded and excited, and will be smart enough to consistently use those methods that make the most sense to you.

In every examined walk of life, from concentration camp survivors, Olympic gold medalists, successful entertainers, artists, politicians, baseball players... literally every examined walk of life... it turns out that roughly 5% of every group on earth rises up to the top of their field.

Are those people in the top five percent smarter? Are they better educated? Better connected w/ people in high places? Wealthier?

The answer in each category is a flat, distinct, "NO!" It's been proven so many times over that I'm not even going to waste your time establishing the basis for the statement. I'll simply ask you to accept it as a given.

So, what is it about these five of every hundred who rise to the top? Do they have commonalities? Do they do some specific thing or possess something special that we "regular joes and janes" can tap into?

I give you an unconditional guaranteed "YES!" Yes, they have commonalities. Yes, they possess something special that you and I can tap into. Wait until you hear the best part: you can tap into the same resources that they are, and begin effecting big changes in your life --- in a matter of minutes! MINUTES!!!

Is there a catch? You bet there is. More than one, in fact. I'd say that the toughest catch/obstacle to you making radical improvements in your life is nothing more, or less, than making a decision that this is what you want. I kid you not. The decision to figure out a way to get ___________ or to be __________; this is where your biggest challenge can be found. Figuring out "HOW" is a piece of cake compared to making the decision itself that you'll go to work on it. Get through this first step, and you will come to understand over the coming days and weeks that you really ARE making big, big changes in your life.

Actually use pen and paper in the next 10 minutes, I promise you'll see changes within 72 hours. Most importantly from your own short-term point of view, you WILL see a daily or weekly progression that's faster than it's ever been for you before, and that's the whole point, hm?

You are now visiting the largest creation of all time. with
1,000,000-plus web pages - for you!
Mister_Shortcut - all rights reserved for those who reach out to starving people. More action, less talk!

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May someone be born today determined to give away as much food as Mr Newman must certainly qualify as one of the greatest human beings who have ever lived.
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