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Your Medical Destiny

Take charge of your medical destiny.     Today!!!

Get healthy. Take charge of deciding how long and how well you live. Controlling your weight is just one of many medical issues you can use to your instant, truly immediate benefit, as well as your long-term benefit.

These PowerGems are the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, Olympic Champions and billionaires.

They cost little or nothing, certainly less than you're paying now, and require less effort.

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  The clock never stops.    Ever.     No timeouts.
The best reason for taking charge of your medical destiny? "Destiny" and "Destination" come from the same root because they have the same foundation -- the place you end up. and some of us believe that it's better to be the pilot of a boat in stormy waters than no more than a hopeful passenger.

  1. Heart patients who improve their diets and lifestyles without surgery outlive those heart patients who DO have surgery,
    most often by a margin of up to fifteen years, sometimes more.

  2. During the three longest'strikes' or job actions by doctors in the past 200 years, the death rate dropped dramatically within a single day of the strike's onset, and just as radically zoomed up when the action ended.

  • You may or may not be familiar with the phrase "We have no holy fat men.     Well, guess what?

    You can find old people, you can find fat people.   You will rarely find old fat people.
    For any exception to the rule you point out, we'll show you five hundred made-in-the-USA coffins of fat people being used every single day in America. Another five hundred per day for other heart attack victims who had diets as bad or worse than yours. When we see 43 MILLION Americans forty more pounds overweight, it's easy to forget another forty million who are merely 20 or 30 pounds overweight. For some, it takes a hundred extra pounds before keeling over, cheated by gluttony of more great years, thousands of individual additional days of life and laughing. For others, a mere 25 pounds is enough to kill.

    Allowing a desire to control one's actions is not consistent with the repeated actions of people who tend to get most of what they want in life. People who we see consistently achieving what they want tend to enjoy it in bursts, not as a never-ending diet. They make a decision in advance to take control. You eat fifty spoons of ice cream, they're thrilled with a dozen. Again and again we see that magical influence we call "control."

    For forty-five consecutive generations we've had people of unusual Longevity. I can and in deed have controlled sizable rooms filled with scientists, having learned far more than a hundred of them added up together, and I go dead silent in the presence of a nonagenarian or a centenarian (those who have made it to their 90th and 100th birthdays, respectively) who is articulating on the subject of how they got to be that old and sharp. You see, they are the horse's mouth for that particular subject, and everyone around them needs to shut up and listen.

    When we personally interview, and read of other interviews with literally scores and dozens of people who have made it to their ninth and tenth decades, and we see common answers from a distinct majority, then science has the imperative and obligation to find the scientific basis for the end result, in this case, living ten decades with quality of life. Stop working forwards for a linear minute and do as virtually every renowned philosopher, inventor and leader has done:

    Work it backwards, then live it forwards, ala Mr-Shortcut Success Zen & Highway Of Natural Ways

    Start with the targeted end result and work backwards!! That is what you and I both call a recipe. When you find meat absent from the diet of all these elderly people, you naturally ask why. Maybe they just don't like meat?

    That question has been met more than a few times with a laugh or a raised eyebrow. Apparently we still love meat as we get older, we recognize that its not a recipe for nutrition and Longevity. Fact is, flesh rots, and since the human body doesn't have a mechanism to digest meat the way we do fruits and vegetables, that flesh continues to rot inside the body. Without seeing any specific educational path, the conclusion arrived at by a majority of the two hundred nonagenarians and centenarians I interviewed is that meat is not a part of the healthy recipe. What you are reminded of is the simple fact that whether you or I agree or not doesn't really have any scientific or empirical basis... it's just our opinion. The weight of two hundred people with personal experience outweighs your opinion,plus your mother's opinion, your doctor's opinion, and all three of my opinions, Think of it as the Science of Opinion, the Psychology of Opinion: The voice of the experience drowns out the voice of opinion!

    Very core to personal subscription to the principles and foundations of the Mr-Shortcut Success Zen :
    Including ice cream, or infrequently, most cheese and dairy are routinely missing from the diet of our role models for reaching the century mark.
    Is pizza bad for you? That's the same as asking if cheese or milk is bad for you.
    Scientifically speaking, the body recognizes cow milk as unfresh animal mucus. As such, it presents an instantaneous attack on the human immune system, driving it into an energy-draining routine that specifically depresses the immune system further. This is a chemical function intended to force your body to go into the eternal fight-or-flight syndrome, wherein the system either takes flight, shutting down unto death, or, in the opposite direction, fighting with a higher production of magical white and t-cells and proteins that fight invaders such as milk.

    Please forgive the graphic nature of an accurate description: mother's milk is a form of mucus. To take another animal form's used mucus into your body... ... well, it's so dangerous that federal law requires that it be boiled first. Surely you've read the "pasteurized" label on a milk carton. "Pasteurized" does mean it's been boiled, and if you remember your junior high chemistry you know that anything that's boiled loses most or all of its nutrient value. Anything that is so deadly that the government gets involved in is more than probably something that falls under my category of "ok, but just this once."   In other words, healthy older people do enjoy dairy on occasion, just not a part of their regular diet. A well-known exception to this was a group of Russian centenarians, villagers in a far-flung patch of rurality, who claimed through the Dannon Yogurt company that they attributed their longevity to their diet of yoghurt. Dannon enjoyed a boost in sales despite the fact that the company's yogurt was not exactly the same as the yoghurt produced in that tiny village in the old U.S.S.R.

    Ultimately, with respect to dairy, the Mr-Shortcut Success Zen only perceives actual nutritional benefit in two forms of dairy:

    1) Aged Cheese - MORE THAN ONE YEAR, PLEASE! - Remember that it takes approximately ten pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese. The hormone storm set off in one hundred percent of humans who eat such "young" cheese is undeniable. The clinical observations of physical distress may not show up for years, and still, there is no getting around the reality or extent of the damage.

    2) Kefir! Good quality kefir can far outperform most probiotic supplements, and any decent kefir can be re-used by you to make MORE kefir at home, effectively turning junk milk into healthy kefir. Lessons abound in every language on making good kefir.

    Getting neo-technical a moment, the human body does not know how, nor does it have a physical mechanism to absorb meat at the nuclear level. Fruits? Vegetables? No problem. A piece of meat will sit in or near your stomach for at least six to eight hours. Fruit or vegetables? How about fifteen minutes or less?

    "CONTROL" does not mean eating like a rabbit, with nothing but boring foods. The CBS newsmagazine "60 Minutes" did a piece on genetically altered foods, which are still too new to reveal for us their long-term effect. To learn that we have over 225 fruits and vegetables available to us is a reminder that anyone who cannot find interesting, tasty foods among those 225 or more fruits and vegetables is missing out on a great deal of pleasure, most notably the pleasures of extended youth. That youth is not maintained with cosmetics that hide the truth. Try relying instead on what you were born to eat and enjoy, so that you CAN "get away with" eating the odd nasty food that's too delicious to always resist. "CONTROL" means identifying fun and/or tasty and/or filling fruits and vegetables to include in our diet. It's far less a question of eliminating meat from your diet as it is a question of reducing it, starting within this next 24 hours.

    Objectively speaking, we are actually slicing an unarmed animal's throat and ripping its face off, then guts and blood discarded, roasting or boiling its flesh and eating the result. Someone reminded me that smothering it in Grey Poupon is not all that classy because it encourages someone else to rip another face off of another animal. Whew! That's a bit to handle.

    These issues bother me enough to shut up and invest thousands of minutes researching, and countless more presenting it to you in language we might all better relate to. Every human needs to take personal control of their medical destiny, their medical destination.

    The moment you take this control back, you soon add time to your life. You see, among so many other rich benefits, you'll no longer need to have a worried-looking doctor telling you you're eating too much fatty meat, or smoking a bit too much. As your own doctor for all but traumatic injuries, you will monitor yourself with more knowledge, less stress, and therefore better long-term prospects.
    You will save yourself considerable aggravation, money, thousands of minutes in waiting rooms, uncountable ergs of energy now wasted on worry about things that rarely come to pass, and, most of all, you will, statistically speaking, be saving your own life.

    If you tell me you 'don't have time' to go to a library or to go on the Internet, I can only ask if you have time to sit for an hour or two waiting to be seen by the doctor. Have you even stopped to consider the insanity of this? Instead of spending an hour getting to the doctor's office, another hour or two waiting to be seen, worrying throughout that whole time that you have something dreadful, you can cut right through that entire mess of wasted time, money, worry, and effort, by simply looking it up yourself and making better decisions. THEN, if you still need, or feel you need medical advice, you can get that too, faster, cheaper, and with less toll on your body and mind… asking experts on the Internet.

    After all this, if you STILL feel you need to see the doctor, aren't you far better off going into that man or woman's office with far greater knowledge than you had before? With the knowledge you have gained, you can now participate in the decision-making process, rather than just leaving it in the hands of someone who cannot, and therefore does not, care as much about your life as you do. It's a logical, step-by-step process.

    Better yet, even if, in the course of your going to the library, internet, etc., you should run into a term or a medicine that you don't recognize, you have instant access to finding your answers. Once again, should you need or believe you still need to consult a doctor, at least you'll know what the doctor means when he gravely pronounces that you have too much deoxyribonucleic acid in your body, hm?

    In that last sentence I used the word "consult," and that's exactly what your doctor's job is: to CONSULT; not to order, demand or otherwise force upon you. His or her job is to generate money, and it's an unrealistic or overly-romantic individual who thinks otherwise, unless that doctor is working for a less than munificent fee for his consultation! Like every other number, the amount of his fee does not lie: it tells a great deal about his commitment to excellence.

    In the 1990's I consulted a number of times with a Dr. Victor Chehebar, in Great Neck, NY., whose name had been mentioned to me as being a 'brilliant diagnostician." He charged several hundred dollars per visit, even if it lasted but four or five minutes, which was more often than not, and never actually examined or treated me. He discussed reports, he issued prescriptions, he sent me to a variety of other specialists, and never actually touched me. It took about four thousand dollars' worth of visits before the over-priced fellow was surgically removed from the diet, and I have to say that the healing process was rapidly improved... notably and happily.


    When you see how doctors and medical professors fundamentally disagree on the most basic, simple life-extending methods and treatment, from low-fat/hi-carb, or low-this and high-that, to which medicine is best, or even what it is that needs curing, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee: you need to find out what's best for you, what has worked consistently for other successful people, and then duplicate the effort, knowing that there are virtually no known exceptions to the axiomatic truth that duplicating an effort leads to duplicating the result.

    It's how you repeat every single successful task from birth to death, so let me repeat it: imitating an effort inevitably leads to imitating the result. Think about it. Don't just read and run past. Think about it. Then ask yourself clearly what result you most desire. The answer to that single question, and more so when it's a detailed answer, is a powerful, instantly utile path to enormously improved decision-making… ergo enormously improved results.

    We all have high-powered shortcuts available to us that instantaneously guide each of us towards a far healthier life, adding both quantity and quality to our personal existence. Many of them begin working within seconds, and there is not a single human among you who can licitly decry or refute their effectiveness. Typically enjoyed immediately, and over the long term, you're about to boost your health with less effort or time than you're now investing. That's the single most important point of the information being presented: less effort, more results.

    As a bonus for your faithfulness in shutting up and taking action, you shall also find that they instantly accelerate your results. Finally, the principles that underlie all that you're reminded of in these pages are principles that have specifically been used again and again, and yet again, by thousands of individually identifiable people who have consistently done it better than, well, let's bring it out up front… consistently done it better than you. That these people have also done it better than me need only affect you insofar as you see me duplicating their results by duplicating their methods. My lifetime dream of writing a hundred good documents had to change after I declared myself happy with my 200th fairly written essay.

    After passing five hundred, it became obvious that it was the Highway Of Natural Ways was being formed in some manner of formal measure.

    As health secrets were built into accumulations that became the acquisition of magnificent secrets from the best and brightest minds and inventors and innvators morphed into personal study and clinical practice that exceeded what has come before.

    Medical destiny, our life's destination, is not a matter to take lightly. What good is longevity if we are not enjoying the extra time? Thus, the Highway Of Natural Ways and Mr-Shortcut Success Zen have up to a thousand or more versions of up to ten thousand or more pages, chapters, Power-chats, PowerGems, and more... all to help you to help yourself, in pursuit of your being both in a position, and inclined, to help the helpless.


  • What does not change is the Highway Of Natural Ways certitude that people characteristically and even routinely do best
    what they both love most... and learn to do from masters, because nothing works as well as success. This will never change.

    These techniques have been practiced through countless generations by people who live longer and better.

    They are the horse's mouth because the best teachers are NOT those who know better; it's those who DO better.

    If you're not getting it from the horse's mouth, which end of the horse are you getting it from? Old wives' tales actually tend to be about as worthwhile as the information touted as "the most current scientific data available." The tiniest example of this is "Jewish penicillin," an affectionate term for chicken soup. After 6,000 years of feeding chicken soup to sick people, we find that chicken soup has more benefit to cold and flu than any other known hot liquid.

    Every single year of your life, you can find "solid scientific data" that utterly belies what was "solid scientific data" as recently as a year earlier. Doesn’t this give you a hint you want to heed? This portion of the world's largest connected set of websites dealing with shortcuts is focused on health matters: PowerGems for health that are one-conditionally guaranteed to produce faster, far more effective results than any of us are able to achieve through what we erroneously refer to as 'conventional' medicine.

    How nice it will be the moment you demonstrate an understanding of how doctors who give us the most, give us the most. They're also living it the most. When we see 'alternative medicine' specialists such as former Surgeon General Everett Koop or Harvard professor Dr. Andrew Weil leaving their high-up positions to live lives of enormous giving AND living, right into their 60's, 70's, and beyond, well, it's time to think about equine anatomy again. Those who do better know better than all the rest. Acting upon their best suggestions and shortcuts is a powerful recipe for accelerated results of a higher quality.

    Just as those who are referred to as 'observant' in their religion so rarely do more than observe, few doctors who own or operate a medical practice are doing more than practicing their business. If this strikes the reader in any way towards being judgmental, the reader is asked to determine if the reader's doctor is driving a five thousand dollar car, or a fifty thousand dollar car. Then, you are asked to look at the Hypocritical -- oops, Hippocratic oath, and read it. READ.

    If, God forbid, you accidentally cut your left arm off or get knocked unconscious, or suffer from horrible kidney pains, by all means go to a hospital. It means you've already made one or more very bad decisions, entailing a need for assistance from someone else. Had you been paying attention, you would not have been hit, cut, or infected. That's a whole different chapter. For just about every medical concern that's not involved with traumatic injury, you have no less than ten thousand resources available to you that are exponentially better for your recovery than going to your local doctor's office.

    Whether you are dealing with issues such as blood cancer or diabetes to psoriasis or high blood pressure, doctors can only be useful in helping you to help yourself, rather than what is too-readily perceived as a "Help me, Doc!" kind of situation. Even if you've already made so many poor decisions that your health is in the proverbial pits, you can engage an instant reversal of trend, an immediate alleviation of symptoms, by simply following those who have done so successfully, and repeatedly.

    The Mr-Shortcut Success Zen portion of the combined Highway Of Natural Ways - Mr-Shortcut Success Zen network exists
    with respect and reverence
    for those doctors and surgeons who live simply and give largely.

    How well you understand the foregoing paragraphs is found in the way you've just responded mentally, along the lines of "Doctors heal people most of the time" Put your seat belt on, because the statement requires your examination.

    • You're not being told that doctors are useless, because they are not completely useless. In traumatic injury cases they are, more often than not, critical to the patient's survival. You're being reminded that doctors are, by a fat margin, a secondary resource for you to heal, NOT the primary resource you've been using them as.

    • Doctors don't heal people; they can help people to heal themselves.

    To cite just one example of so many that bring this subject into stark daylight-level of investigation for the purpose of providing what US Supreme Court Associat Justice Felix Frankfurter described as the "disinfectant nature of sunshine," you believe that the chemical in aspirin alleviates a headache, and that antibiotics cure infections, and thirdly, that prescription medicines are good for you. You are assured, by the only human being in history to have read a book or more per day thanks to knowing that ignoring words of less than four letters means fewer words to memorize which results in better comprehension at higher speed -- in 33 years that all three of those statements are 100% false, misleading, and dangerous to believe.

    1. Not by any stretch of the imagination does aspirin cure headaches or pain. When it dissolves into your bloodstream, the active ingredient sends an electro-chemical message to your brain which instructs your brain to produce natural pain-killing chemicals that will ease the headache.

    2. When you take an antibiotic, the antibiotic does not have any influence whatsoever on the infection. When the antibiotic dissolves into your bloodstream, it sends an electro-chemical message to the brain, particularly forcing the brain to produce more of the natural chemicals that will fight the infection.

    3. It is the same way with every single prescription medication available on the planet. The drug itself does not cure anything; it only forces your body to do what it's already designed to do, speeding up the process through artificial means. It's fair to estimate that, in no less than 80 to 90 percent of the occasions where such stimulation of the natural process is necessary, you can achieve those same results through methods and/or substances that are not as dangerous as prescription medicines. This is where the falsity of the third erroneous belief comes in regarding the so-called benefits or safety of medicine.

    4. EVERY pharmaceutical medication has unpleasant side effects that are identifiably dangerous to the body. No known exceptions. They are specifically designed to assault and depress your immune system in hope of encouraging your immune system to fight back against the invader in your body.     Hope?   Encourage?   Not very solid words for a science, are they?

    Mr-Shortcut Success Zen On Antibiotics

    Does that mean that we should never, EVER take, for example, an antiobiotic? No, it doesn't. It simply means that, before taking the drug we need to look at the side effects of that drug and then make an informed decision. You already use this process, often referred to as 'weighing the benefits against the drawbacks,' for many of the decisions you make in your life.

    What could be wrong with your thinking that, for the most precious of your resources, your life itself, you would leave such crucial decisions in the hands of someone who is far more interested in his or her own needs than in yours? Talk about stinking thinking!!

    Why do you think that the drug is controlled by government agencies? You can't buy insulin or erythromycin or thorazine off a supermarket counter, you need to have a prescription. By law, every prescription must come with a piece of paper telling you all of the side effects and what we call contraindications, a fancy word that means to convey "all the things that can wrong with your body." Medicines are regulated by government for one reason only, my dear, and that is, THEY'RE DANGEROUS. When was the last time you read the little sheet that comes with your prescription?

    Did you know that, for example, steroid-based medicines for many skin conditions, (corticosteroids) without exception are all severely dangerous to your liver and/or kidneys and/or other organs and tissue? Every medicine that requires a prescription requires a prescription because it has dangerous, sometimes lethal side effects.

    In the year 2000, U.S. President William J. Clinton cited government reports establishing clearly that hundreds of people every week die 'by accident' because of misdiagnosis or being given wrong medication. These occurences are not accidents, they are negligent homicides, because you can bet these doctors aren't making these mistakes with their children or parents or spouses, are they? While in office as President, Mr. Clinton ordered that all federally-funded hospitals to refuse acceptance of handwritten prescriptions. Did you know this?

    Whether the doctor's chicken-scratch handwriting is being misread by the pharmacist, or the doctor is issuing the wrong medication for the patient, we know that eliminating handwritten prescriptions alone instantly began saving many thousands of your friends and relatives from dying needlessly.

    Yes, yes, we already know that you believe it'll never happen to you. We can tell by the thousands of coffins being purchased and used month after month after month for people who "were doing fine just two days ago," who are now six feet under.

    This site is also dedicated to you personally using time-saving, money-saving, aggravation-reducing, LIFE-SAVING PowerGem shortcuts to faster, better health and healing. As with all PowerGems, they are one-conditionally guaranteed to work. The one condition? They must be used. They are all chemical-free, unregulated by the government because they all involve natural methods that have been used, and are still used, by those people living longest and best. You are again asked that all-revealing question we began with:

    If you're not getting it from the horse's mouth, from those who have already done it better than you, which end of the horse ARE you relying upon?

    MedDestiny - Mr-Shortcut Success Zen Mandates Control Over Your Medical Destiny

    Take control of your medical destiny today.       Reap the benefits immediately.

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    "Meddestiny" - More Than A Silly Term

    If you don't like the word "meddestiny," produce a better one. First, consider controlling such meddestiny.

    Since every human has a meddestiny, nearly every human gets choice and chance to exert an influence on it.
    Those who are food secure, etc., have choices and chances to overtly control their meddestiny.
    Eating diseased foods or foods with bleach (flour), or factory-produced animals, that's not it.
    You will find in all of the people whose health you admire or aspire to, real balance.
    If they have a piece of meat or a pasty, it is an occasional treat, not a daily habit.
    The act of stretching, slowly, gently, and very repeatedly, is nicely staggering.
    Everything works better when you engage the concepts of flexibility.
    This is a PowerGem of the Highway Of Natural Ways. Keep it.
    Flexibility is worth many times its weight in pure gold.

    Mr-Shortcut Success Zen Presents Qvials, Supercharged FoodBoosters, EnergyVials, EnergyTape
    All inventions presented by the Mr-Shortcut Success Zen are fruits OF the Highway Of Natural Ways innovation mindset

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    The Mr-Shortcut Success Zen is a place to bring innovations and devices that have never existed before in life.
    The more we use these tools, the more benefits you accrue, & the greater those benefits also tend to be for you.
    These tools, among many MisterShortcut inventions, are to be counted among the most powerful tools of your life.
    From the world's first supercharged cold lasers to the supercharged rare earth minerals that make ALL test stronger:

    FoodBoosters alone, among the smallest tools of your lifetime, contain more power than most all of your other tools -- combined.
    Nothing in the world has ever existed like FoodBoosters, another innovation of the Mr-Shortcut Success Zen to help you, naturally.
    Every single food and drink on earth that tests weak with QRA testing is unconditionally guaranteed to test stronger with FoodBoosters.
    No batteries or wires, no maintainance or upgrades, they will last forever, cannot be reversed, and charge even more when exposed to sunlight.
    While Foodboosters also work on every human organ and gland, they are tiny, not always easy to place precisely at GV20 point, atop the head,
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    The family of QVials are comprised of the world's first literally supercharged rare earth minerals, and no need to believe a word of this.
    Once you learn to do the one-second bidigital test called "QRA testing," you never have to take anyone's word for it again, healthwise.
    When you are familiar with this easy-to-learn test of energy, you can test food, clothes, people, houses, and everything within sight.

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