Reaching for More with
Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts :
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We come now to one of the first places we can make an enormous difference in these next three to five days of your life. You commit to asking more people for help in getting what you want, by simply asking each one of them more times.
Do you understand the simplicity of this? The only possible way that anyone can tell if you understand is by seeing you do it. Your worded opinion has no value until you have experience in that area... enough experience to earn a title such as beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert.
You and ONLY you decide when you become a beginner, an intermediate, an advanced, then an expert, no matter what human effort you mention, from stacking dominoes to getting people to say yes. The single largest advance you will enjoy is based on who you're getting your information from.

Your hair just may stand up straight when you begin realizing the enormous impact you always get simply by asking more people more times each. It is the single most powerful magic trick you can instantly use for faster, better results in any human effort, from brain surgery to politics, guitar or piano playing, raising children or bicycling, ad infinitum, which means never-ending, limited only by your personal imagination.

Having read an average of one to three books per day for more than sixteen thousand days, three sets of encyclopedias, fifteen thousand books, round-the-clock multiple internet connections, and so much more, the defects of my personality are matched by the supreme performances of our universal role models, those who simply do it better. there is no possibility of refuting the fast effectiveness of this greatest power shortcut ever known to man or woman.
Stop and consider: From the day you're born to the day you die, you never ever obtain or attain anything until you ask for it. Yes, or no? Whether you're asking yourself to squeeze out that one more pushup, or asking the girl at the counter for a quart of ice cream,or crying for your mother's nipple in infancy (hopefully not beyond), everything you ever get is the result of your asking for it.

That's why you asked your mom for that ice cream cone so many many times when you were a child... ... and when she persisted in saying no, what did you do? You went to Daddy, of course, and/or Grandma, Grandpa, Sister, Broth... on those occasions that you wanted that ice cream badly enough to try tears, pouting, shouting, wheedling, you persisted until you got it... and on those occasions that you did NOT want it badly enough to pout, shout, etc., you gave up after one, two, or three tries... ... and you didn't get the ice cream.
If you decided to use just one one-hundreth of one percent more of your brain, you might consider doing so using this magical, fantastically effective shortcut and using it more beginning today, wouldn't you?     Question is, WILL you?
Not "Can You?"
WILL you?

In the next ten days, like every ten days of your life, you will be asking people (including yourself) for certain things. Should you bother to keep track, most people will say yes to you when you ask repeatedly, especially salespeople, gas station attendants, and others who are GREAT to practice this shortcut on.

When someone says no to you, find creative and different ways to ask that person no less than seven times. You will be astounded with your results. When you ask once and hear the word no, you might hear the old saw that claims that "No" does not mean "NO!" It means "Not yet."   It means, "You have not yet given me enough reason to say yes.

An effective comparison is found in sales. One of the longest studies done on top sales producers (Prudential Insurance's 87-year study, with help from Princeton University) found that roughly 48% of all sales calls end without the salesperson ever asking for the sale, for a variety of reasons. Yet with every one of the producers in the top ten percent, they would take every single no they'd hear, and try to find out why they were hearing a no, so that they could ask again, a different way, resolving the concern of the buyer. Empirically speaking, those people who ask each person seven times will generally hear up to four times as many yeses.

This PowerGem, which you can certainly call a "SuperShortcut," is so simple that you glide past it every day. If you really think you know your math, think again. When you ask ten times you may hear "yes" one time in ten. When you ask forty times, you'll get as many as ten to fifteen "Yes" responses. It doesn't matter that it disagrees with the rules of math. What does matter is that hundreds and hundreds and more hundreds of the best closers and billionaires, champions and millionaires use this regularly to get what they want.

Hush up and ask more.   It works fast, and will double your results in anything you wish... ... at a far, FAR higher rate of acceleration than you're getting today.
Examining a recent Forbes Magazine list of the 400 richest people in America, a mind-grabbing 251 of them have been stone cold broke -- more than once!!
When you include the 6,800,000 Americans who are currently earning eighty thousand dollars per month or more, we find again and again that they simply ask more times for what they want. They ask more people, and they ask people more.
These incredible supershortcuts and techniques are brought from the mouths, the words, and deeds of thousands and thousands of extraordinarily successful people, using a broad, universally agreeable definition of success:

Measurable results.

Just in case you actually read these little yellow popups --- - - --- - remember that I believe in you with all my heart -- ---- that is why I invested 26,000 highly focused hours -- just for YOU!

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Reaching For More Within Your Highway Of Natural Ways

Look at five, ten, even a hundred things that you have to repeat throughout your life.
Whether it's learning to tie your shoelaces better, or something advanced in biotechnology,
you have the never-ending choice of doing things the same way each time... or, to improve at it.
Achieving the best results of your life, again and again, can be achieved at definitively accelerated speeds.

A) How excited are you? The only two reasons for doing anything is fear, or desire. So, what are you hungriest for?

          B) Until you list people, sites, organizations, and their contact info, and brief description of what you're asking them for,         
you are still short of imitating the people who repeated do it best, the masters and champions who ROUTINELY win.

Who shows it best prove to know it best.
Imitate their actions to imitate their results.

Reaching for more has several meanings, as with every piece of great wisdom you'll ever encounter in this life.
Helping other people get what they want, where you only look down on people because you're offering a hand up.
Helping the people in your immediate circle get what you both want most, increasing cooperation, effort, enthusiasm.

These powerful methods and vantage points of reaching for more are wonderful, profitable, indubitably pleasant.
Still, they are, at best, tertiary and secondary benefits to the power of reaching for more in you. Nothing beats that.

Can you learn one or two or three new words every day of your life? Every morning, one word, from ebulliance and pathos,
to repartee or gasconade or thousands of other engaging, delightfully descriptive words someone took time to create for YOU,
you can include 60 seconds of learning a new word every time you ever eat lunch. True, or not? You can, so, it's "Will you?"

Reaching for more is a choice. For anyone wishing to be a master, to break and shatter world records, ala MisterShortcut,
less talking and more doing. Reaching for more is a religious incantation and imperative, getting one percent better... again.

You can be the dumbest person in your group, you will outshine everyone.
One percent more effort means, at some point, one percent improvement.
Each group of 100 repetitions means you double, OR MORE, every time

Stop forming opinions. No opinion has value before extensive knowledge, and extensive experience,
not just "some limited knowledge," and a penchant trenchant skill in presenting AS IF a real expert.


Summarily, who does it best knows it best, everyone else needs to zip it and imitate the best, proven recipe.
That's the point of the Highway Of Natural Ways, it really is the Highway Of Natural Ways WITHIN YOU NOW.

You knew shortcuts as a kid, you knew the magical secret of wealth, the only and only shortcut that approaches perfection.
the greatest secret of wealth is neither more or less than asking more people more times each. It's the Alpha and Omega.

Asking more people more times each, offering a hand of assistance to the humans around you in need of a hand.
Look how many ways there are for any of us to reach for more... today, even now.

"Reaching for more" has so many applications within the Highway Of Natural Ways, so reach for more within you.