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The enormous response to our 100 websites of empowering, free health and wealth shortcuts has been tremendous. Because Dr. Cohen has no interest in becoming the internet's best salesman, the products we offer here will be limited to those that qualify as "best on earth" and, for the most part, "best of the earth."

While we're happy to do business with people around the globe, please understand that we are extraordinarily selective in what we offer. After all, Dr. Cohen has a thirty-year reputation to uphold of helping people to help themselves, naturally.

When the decision is made to mass market, fine. Until then, all orders are approved personally by Dr. Cohen,
so, if you're in need of guidance on what is best for you personally in the way of natural remedies and nutritional items -- natural and healthy food items -- the Mr-Shortcut Success Zen encourages you to learn more, that you might live more.