(NOTE: No explanation has been defintively identified -- more mystery with Mister Shortcut)
Please sit down in order to read this; a wiser position which to absorb numbers that you can't expect to encounter many times in one life.

Approximately 25 times in each person's life, opportunity knocks with a capital letter. You're assured that only eighty-four human beings are receiving this letter, from an initial pool of nearly seven million. It really is that simple.

Our "secret weapon" is a young man of extraordinary focus; more specifically, his produce.

After reading a book or so per day for many years, he became most fascinated with the fact that, in more than two hundred and twenty fields of human endeavor, extraordinary producers, including yourself, all had histories of inordinate loss or failure. Personally interviewing and/or breaking bread with more than five thousand masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, some of it naturally rubbed off, and he broke many records in a fairly interesting amalgam of human activities.

Retiring in his late 30's, continuing to read voraciously and applying their universal shortcuts, which he termed "PowerGems," in his own life by sharing them with people in particular need of them, he began writing down the best ideas he encountered.

Along the way, he discovered that these universal shortcuts would also apply to the new medium called "internet," so he promptly set up two computers to be online all the time, absorbing staggering amounts of information on web design. He put more thoughts on paper, and that's that, hm? You'll find this is not the end of the story; it's the birth of this brief, boggling exposition you're now reading.

He created a web page describing specific words, phrases, and questions that had brought him his lifetime closing rate of 80%-plus, giving deserved credit to the mentors, masters, and great ones that he'd learned them from. That's where it got interesting.

Changing a few words here, a color or background picture there, adding a paragraph intermittently, he then created several hundred unique versions of the essay so that the search engines would treat each one uniquely. Imagine! Hundreds of different versions of the same essay. You'd think it was nuts, but he knew he'd be spending a bit more time typing.

Routinely investing 140 and more hours per week, more often than not in excess of 100 wpm with gusts of even greater output, he created a few hundred powerful pages, and then set about creating a thousand versions of each. If this is not enough to stagger anyone, he learned along the way how to sign up for a new email account every six seconds, finally stopped when he had 1,400 email accounts from over a hundred different email providers. Whew! He used these to obtain over a thousand "redirect" addresses for free.

Then, signing up for more than eight hundred free websites, and a couple of hundred at paid hosts, he realized that people were becoming even more desirous of learning the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires. This was a big part of how the Qualities of Leadershipwas born. (Ok, also "," "Psycholo...well, you get the drift. The part where we can laugh is arriving, because you still haven't learned of the best parts!

His passion for feeding hungry children dated back to his schoolboy days of collecting for Unicef. Despite being raised in NY suburban affluence, his mother often used food as a weapon, and he just related well to hungry people. So, he began inserting "GIVE FREE FOOD NO CHARGE TO YOU" buttons on his websites, linking to www.theHungerSite.com, where a visitor's click turns into instant corporate donations for food.

While greatergood.com (host of theHungerSite.com and the others) also offers buttons for free mammograms, rain forest preservation, animal food, etc., this young man, hiding behind the anonymity of "Mister-Shortcut " and "MisterShortcut" added a quarter of a million attractive food buttons on 1,000,000 unique web pages on 1,089± websites for subjects as diverse as "healthiest website," "best naturopathic doctors," "best shortcuts" "masters and millionaires," and literally -- get this -- hundreds of other keywords and keyphrases!! While accomplishing all of the above, and far, far more, he was also becoming the world's undisputed Super-lord of sorts -- of all the major search engines! Although no corporation on earth has ever achieved hyperdominance, let alone in so many keywords, he did it singlehandedly - spending virtually zero!

Ninety-nine point ninety-eight of all web pages will never see the top 20 ranking spots on the internet. That's 99.98% of all web pages. Even huge companies paying many thousands per month for search engine promotion are grateful to get one or two top listings. This phenomenal creature did not merely achieve "being" in the top 20 - his websites enjoy a definably-impossible feat: hyperdominance! For example, should you type, "champions and billionaires" or "Masters and Millionaires" at any major search engine, you'll find that, in most cases, almost all fifty of the top fifty listings -- are pages by MrShortcut! Whether it's "Paul Newman shortcuts" or "Oprah shortcuts" or "millionaires shortcuts" or "success shortcuts" (quote marks not necessary, although they're also useful tools for precise searching), there are actually three hundred and sixteen words that, when used with shortcuts in any search... will provide you with instant links to thousands and thousands and thousands and then tens of thousands and more tens of thousands of web pages... created by a single pair of hands.

When just forty-four of his websites went out because of server failure, eight endless days and nights ensued, and the day after just those forty-four of those sites went back up, theHungerSite.com showed an instant, one-day increase of more than forty thousand additional cups of food raised. For the past sixty-two days since that occurence, the number has never once dropped below it's current 140,000-plus cups of food raised per day. With only a portion of his visitors clicking those food buttons, you can imagine how many more visitors actually browse the sites without clicking the FOOD buttons.

Because of his affinity for Dr. David Cohen, a naturopathic physician adding highly-advanced technology to his bag of tricks, to some modest international acclaim, Dr. Cohen's websites, under the " Highway Of Natural Ways " banner (ok, ok, so we also have " Highway Of Natural Ways," " Highway Of Natural Ways " ... ad infinitum -- after all, that's how the search engines like it, hm?) have also enjoyed fantastic success, offering the "world's healthiest website." (Yes, also hyperdominant in search engines, as is "healthiest website" because search engines treat "website" quite discretely from "website").

Now we come to the best part: YOU! Because Dr. Cohen wishes to use all of his profits to build America's first major naturopathic hospital, and because Mr Shortcut insisted that a "Feed hungry people" account own 35% of the company unto eternity, the decision was made to create the world's first naturopathic supermarket. It is astonishing that none of the big firms have done so, and they'll certainly be eating dust for awhile when they do try to catch up. You see, by inserting "Buy products" links on most of the 1,000,000 unique and some 300,000 mirror pages that make up the Highway Of Natural Ways and Route To High Longevity, a department store will be instantly created that contains 989 separate stores, with each store enjoying not only five hundred to twelve hundred separate entryways, but as well, the part we forget to tell you about: all half million of the pages Mr Shortcut created -- contain links back to the other sites he created.

Both this and the next several generations of search engine protocol will almost certainly give greatest weight to a website that has many other web pages linking back to it. For example, amazon.com has 41,000,000 pages linking back to it; ebay has 7,000,000, and harvard.edu has about 500,000. If you go right this minute to alltheweb.com, you can type in a domain name, an internet address, such as "Megatruths.com" and when you hit the Enter or Search button, it will show you that some 45,000 web pages link back to Megatruths.com. In other words, that 45,000 figure puts the site into the upper one-half of one percent of all websites for popularity, thereby guaranteeing it a great slot in the search engines, as long as the site complies fully with all search engine rules.

Put your seat belt on: when you type in ten, twenty, thirty of Mister-Shortcut's websites at alltheweb.com, and you start to see that he has millions and millions and millions and more millions of hotlinks coming to his pages, you will see one of those 25 or so opportunities that knock in every human's life with capital letters.

You see, Mr Shortcut has agreed to "sell out," as long as several hundred versions of his five hundred best essays are each and all provided free for life to all who come looking for "success shortcuts" "accelerated results" "Masters and Millionaires" and even, sadly, 911day (almost all the top fifty sites on most search engines for 911day tributes or even just "911day" will bring you to the sites he built memorializing the murders of innocent citizens).

We already own MANY ideal addresses, from naturalsupermarket.com and Healthiest-Websites.com to naturalsuperstore.com, natural-superstore.com, and natural-supermarket.us, naturalsupermarket.us, kosher-vitamins.com, Shortcut.ws, PowerGem.US, and so many, many others. Just consider: the single largest personal website that will ever likely be created, complete with more than four thousand web design awards for "EyeCandy shortcuts" and this astonishingly prolific MrShortcut, and it is turned into a "still totally free" website abounding in mercantility. 1,000,000 primary entrances, each one more visually and mentally stimulating than the last.

Now that the 267 weeks of nonstop effort are arriving at completion, offline promotion is the final step. With our "secret weapon" designing press releases and media kits, forty-nine completed scripts for televised ads and nearly a hundred others in draft form, the need to properly channel this human dynamo grows more desirable each time one glances in on his latest growth spurt (today's project involved 22 minutes of testing small-load audio and video files for 2,220 pages as a sample to see if the surfers love his little "BrainCandy" features.

Eighty four of the finest human beings alive are being contacted with this letter. You're one of them, and you don't need your boots shined to know why.