Go ahead, get healthier and wealthier; I dare you!

We begin as you know with the perfectly undeniable fact that one accelerant to your increase in riches is by giving.
The one and only time that Jewish people, according to Jewish law, are allowed to test the Architect of the Universe,
the one and only time it is both tolerated and encouraged, &nbp;   is with the test of tithing.
It works a hundred percent of the time. When you tithe, it comes back to you.
Nothing to do with hocus-pocus or things that don't make sense.
It is simply one of the rare perfect rules of life.
Whether it's immediately or over the long-term,
all charitable giving is multiplied before being brough back to you.

And now, dear one...

A particularly customized chapter of the best wealth shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Inspired by you personally, and all that you have come to represent,
one hopes it is close enough to accurate utility in your life to comprehensively soak into your head and heart,
beyond anything you've ever been told or encountered in this life,
that it's all for you because you are just simply wonderful.
As humans beings go, we like to rate on a scale of 100.
Since humans, even great ones, cannot hope to hit 80,
or at least not much more than that, wouldn't you say? ...
since few if any of us mere mortals will hit or exceed 80ish,
it is obvious that your score of 116 means you're not quite one of us.
No mere mortal you, there can be little doubt in the rational mind of your status.
You are an angel, personally appointed and empowered by the great Artchitect of the Universe,
assigned to watch over and protect not only me, more importantly the message that ever human needs to hear.
that every single action or desire you pursue has powerful shortcuts, and every one of us gets to use them.
How do you keep someone alive? How do you keep someone's collected body of work alive? That's a no-brainer:
use what they leave behind. Whether it's memories or passing a touch on to someone in need,
a look or kind word, remembering to shut up and ask for what you want, repeatedly.
It is by far and above the greatest secret shortcut of all time, omnipotent.
The one and only action of humans that is perfectly, universally ominipotent.
In each of the hundreds and hundreds of languages still in use today,
in every culture that has ever existed since humans began counting,
asking for what you want is the most powerful action of all time.
It is so guaranteed, so perfectly certain. What else is?
What else can we identify that does this, and more,
why waste time looking past the single best,
the one most guaranteed PowerGem of all:
Those who ask for more receive more.
It is perfect, it is unexceptional<
and your touch, your participation,
the existence of thousands of pieces of work,
each lovingly crafted with you in mind, and using shortcuts,
all of it coming down to the moment of you drinking in these words,
and understanding that this moment could not have happened without your excellence.
It is barely likely that you could even possibly be where you are and do as you are this moment,
unless you had earned your way here, from standards far Higher than yours or mine might be.
As delicious as it is to cram into one brain the best of the best wisdon of greater minds,
seeing it take hold in people like you is what makes it life-istically orgasmic.
You receive little value in appreciating or applauding one brain "having it."
You get enormous and immediate benefit from understanding,
any and all identifably useful information passed on by those who know the best,
those who repeatedly perform the best, fairly referred to as masters and millionaires,
and, in many cases, champions and billionaires, although there are notable exceptions to the latter.
How do I say Thank You for your help in feeding so many millions and tens of millions of starving people?
Do you understand that we are making history? We, together, are feeding more people than anyone less than Paul Newman,
international grandmaster of shortcuts, who has fed more humans than any man or woman in history.
As literally and physically as the word "together" can mean, we, which DOES mean you and I together,
are feeding more people than, well, than everyone you know all added up together.
How does anyone say thank you with strength enough to shout it across the world?
Thank you, thank you, you wonderful angel of a human being.
We did it, shattering dozens of world records,
with a couple of thousand original documents,
presented in hundreds of variations each,
all over the world, all feeding starving people,
and empowering people to empower themselves,
helping people to help themselves.
"Thank you?"
I wish to say "Thank you" to you,
just once, and only once,
let me repeat that, with your permission...
I wish to have you feel my thank you just... just... just....
just one time for every cup of food you have helped to empower.
You not only get credit for every time you click the free food button or buy 560 meals for 20 dollars,
you also get to share in the far larger ocean of universal credit to all of those who care to share.
If you need to keep a couple of dozen steaks in your freezer for emergency backup, that's great.
When you have hundreds of freezers packed with meat for no one but yourself, something is wrong.
Everything else is so much chatter. The desire for material goods is excellent for distraction.
It stops us from quickly identifying, and rather painlessly moving past, the big "O."

Obstacles are excellent because every time you solve one, you learn how to solve several others,
all at the same time, all with jsut a stroke or two rather then the entire process repeated.

A recent addition to the English as well as other languages is a term known as "bling." Indicating a blast of jewerly and glitz flashing and dazzling, is a way for me to say, "Hey, look at me, I'm somebody." It doesn't matter that more than eight of every ten diamonds in existence are dripping in the blood of men and women and children missing arms, legs, lives. What a stupid way to prove your love. Take the three grand you would have spent on a hundred-dollar diamond,
put it into a money market or savings bond or the stock market (provided you divide it into at least ten stocks, because most will go out of business in twenty years' time while one or two will make you rich).
That single piece of money that you invested in her future, in twenty years time will be quite larger.
Had she been wearing that diamond on her finger for the past twenty years, thirty years, whatever,
she would have caught it on things any number of times, sometimes with damage,
not including the times that she'd've accidentallly whacked someone with it,
not intentionally, of course, and we remember last as we always do,
for all those years she'd've been proclaiming support for,
by having allowed too much of the cost of that ring - to end up in undeserving hands.
Finally, the reminder that more than eight of every ten diamonds is stuck in vaults,
compliments of just one family company, still not allowed to do business in the U.S.A.,
to artificially keep a one-dollar diamond valued at many hundreds of times its true value.
Did you know that a release into the world of all the diamonds in the world would not just reduce,
it would drop the price of diamonds back to a dollar per carat, if that, because they have millions of them.
Every year, the stockpile grows by more millions and more millions of individual diamonds, and you go along with it.
The time has come to take an honest look. Sure, Canadian diamonds are cleaner, mostly, and still, one question:
what exactly do you get with a diamond ring? How many screws will it screw into the wall?
Oh, you need it for a rainy day. Well, sugar, the guy you bought it from did not make a ten percent profit on it.
Like many other greedy people he actually charged you several times what he paid for the diamond, and that's not sometimes.
Not only did your jeweler pay too much when he bought it, that's nothing compared to what your jeweler's doing to you.
If you are going to sell something at a profit without making it better than it was before,
or without adding to it another ingredient to come up with something that people need,
you're already starting out way behind the eight ball. Winning at life may not be the best phrase for you.
Nevertheless, if you are going to sell something without adding an additional value that did not exist before,
then it's understandable for you to make a gross profit of fifteen and twenty percent, even on overpriced items.
When you start doubling and tripling and quadrupling your costs, as pizzarias and Wal-Mart and jewelers do,
the only possible way to make beneficial changes is to speak with your dollars, speaking elsewhere.
And so, another peroration comees to a close seeking a good fit with you, the co-angel,
you must be since it's hard to deny what has been shown repeatedliy to be true:
with your humanity and excellence score on a scale of 1 to 100 being 116,
you must be an angel, and you deserve to possess PowerGems,
because they're the best and peaceful way to win,
to win out over the bad guys and the greedy ones.
It's great at the beginning to pull in good money.
It's even greater when you push out even more.
So speaks the mouth of the horse... and you remember what they sbout getting it from the horse's mouth
so as not to get caught at the wrong end of the horse, hm?

A dozen steaks are fine, if you're into that. A thousand? That's time to take a look.

Good afternoon. I'm ________, and my job is to make you more money.
The best proof I can offer of how good I am at my job is to mention respectfully to you that more than a hundred of my clients have done repeat business me........ looooong pause ............. more than one hundred times each. I even brought you published evidence to back up such an audacious claim.

Mr_____, I love to make people more money. It means that they'll probably give more to charity, and secondly, they will likely give me their business again while also recommending me to others. So please let me ask you, if you and I should do business and I help you to definitely and observably make more money, will at least one of those three be likely to happen?

Excellent, because that means we're on the same page, so to speak. Like all great schedules, we keep it simple and powerful, so in less than three minutes you'll have the whole picture and then you can decide for yourself. Would you prefer to set an appointment or is there a chance I can excite your interest in these next three minutes?

We enjoy making money for our clients by presenting them with material that they read repeatedly.

I have the immense good fortune to be good at helping my clients to make money.
I am a media specialists. I represent every great company that delivers what they promise.
My specific skills are best focused on helping you figure which of my media outlets make you more money. For example, Yo is _____ per page, while, let's say, Mot is only _________ per page. That doesn't make it cheaper. Yo goes to five thousand additional homes and,, perhaps more importantly, a wider audience of people likely to repeatedly buy your _____________ reads Yo, and, what I hope will excite you and grab your interest is that this particular magazine is universally known in our ocmmunity as a magazine that is read again and again and again, giving you so much more oomph for each dollar.

As you know, electricity and salaries and rent and insurance are all expenses we have to live with. Advertising is the one and only source of new incoming funds. Nothing else brings money. With the economy expanding slower than we might have hoped for, it is so important for you to get the highest possible value for every single dollar you work all these hours to bring in. I help dozens of clients make more money and the best proof I can give you is that dozens of my clients have done repeat business with me one hundred or more times each.

Finally, we all know that repetition is one of the three foundations of a successful ad. We also recognize that we have to prove we can and will help you get more sales, especially repeat business, I came here personally to offer you one very attractive, and certainly an unusual opportunity to give your business an ever bigger boost in the arm.

We'd like to run a full page ad for your ______ ding-a-ling-eos. Although first-timers enjoy a twenty percent discount on the $8800 annual fee, we believe you recognize that hungry people always work harder for you, so my position entitles me to present a package designed to melt the snow right off the roof of the building.

When we take on a new client, we want to make sure the whole community hears your message loud and clear, so we'd like publish an article about ______ ding-a-ling-eos and/or have you submit an article under your letterhead or even submit some basic facts you believe the community should know about _______ ding-a-ling-eoos, maybe even why they're better than bah-da-bing-eos, and we'll write up an article. We do caution, however, that the less self-aggrandizing the article is, the greater the impact it tends to have. Remember, this magazine is read by people in ________, _________,__________, _________ and even ______________! Because of what we publish, people read it again and again and again, so we'd like to help you provide the community with as many reasons to buy your ____________ ding-a-ling-eos as we can all together come up with. Before I continue, would you call this moderately impressive or is it fair to think that this alone is a powerful tool for driving up business? Excellent, because I do ask you to remember that I'm here to provide more sales impact per dollar than anyone else in Brooklyn, and after eighteen years I think I'm actually getting the hang of it.

You see, Mr._____________, after the following issue, when all of these thousands of thousands of people see your ad, we publish in the issue after that a follow-up article. Again, it can be written by you or someone in your firm, or we can develop it collaboratively with you, and we're not going to charge you for this additional service.

Then, because we are Jewish, and you know how Jewish mothers love to repeat themselves, we follow that up with a third article regarding your service/products and mentioning you prominently in that article as well. Because we actually provide a full article, it is not, technically, adverting, and therefore is not marked as advertising. This lends added credibility to all that you wish to convey to prospective clients/customers, and certainly raises your profile in the community again and again. At the end of it all, our objective is to provide you with more effective sales increase per dollar than anyone else in Brooklyn.

For those who pay annually or semi-annually, we even take off another five percent, although first-timers get to deduct a full ten percent. In closing, Mr. _____________, this is a powerful way to increase your business. My job is to get your phone ringing and your door opened more often. After we get them here, it's up to you whether you sell to them, buy from them, hire or fire them, or send them to bed without their dinner. My simple summary is this:

$8800, Mr. ____________ for ten full-page ads in one of the most popular local magazines in Brooklyn is a VERY competitve price.. First-timer's price of #7000 for that entire year, including multiple full-length articles that prominently mention you and/or your business, turns this from a good business deal into a powerful opportunity to make your cash register ring more often. Third and finally, subtracting an additional ______ for paying in advance hopefully makes it irresistable. So, I respectfully ask you Mr. __________, is this merely a great opportunity for _________, Inc., or can we agree that so many goodies together is just irresistable?

As you can see, these are among the best closing techniques for sales people.
Of all the skills a saleman or saleswomen develops, better closing techniques has to be at the top of the list.
No matter who you are or what you're selling, the rules for successful closing, the best closing techniques used by masters and champions of selling,
the superstars of sales closing techniques, always and without fail includes a repetition of how and why the prospect benefits from saying yes and then, just as vitally important, the repeated asking for the sale.

Whether it's sales or seduction, persuasion of a child to WANT to clean their room by reinforcing whatever the kid's looking for each time he or she cleans their room - duuh --
so whatever it is you want a human to say "Yes" to, simply remind them of the benefits to them and then ask them, over and over again, ten different ways if necessary, although that will be rare indeed.

One of the best and repeated laughs over a lifetime, in the right circumstances, is yielded from a discussion on the obviously magical secret closing technique known as "Asking." Each person who learns and understands that approximately eighty percent of all the "yeses" you ever receive in one life come after you have asked an average of six or seven times. That doesn't mean we should sound like idiotic parrots harassing a question and the one being questioned.
It does, thankfully, provide a magical window into the best and most effective sales closing techniques that have ever existed, and prove to be the best sales closing tactics or methods available to any of us.

Finding a half-dozen ways to ask the same question gives you a GIGANTIC LEAP over the heads of your competition.
In the most gentle and diplomatic terms appropriate to the situation, they are too profoundly stupid to understand that looks and great clothes or having a smooth tongue do not stand a chance against the person who combines the two greatest sales closing techniques in one shot, which is, as you know, asking more people more times each.

When you ask a person six or seven or even more times, the VAST MAJORITY, not simple majority, the vast majority of the people you ask repeatedly will end up at some point either saying yes, or encouraging someone else to say yes to you.

This has yielded a whole range of great belly laughs from many top closers over the years, of such varying social and ethnic and financial and academic backgrounds, all of them at the top because they asked each person as many times as it took... and then they went out and asked more people as well. The combination of these two sales closing techniques mark this unified PowerGem into the single greatest power you will ever possess.

Zig Ziglar was quite on target when he made the universally true and applicable comment to us that you can have whatever you want as long as you help enough other people get what they want. On target and true. Being a nice man, he simply left out the other half of the equation because, like all good people, he was concerned about bad guys tapping into these huge, unlimited powers of the human mind

Here, considerable faith is invested in you,
faith that your daily actions will add to the world being a better place.
Waldo (R W Emerson) gave us a great definition of success,
and at more times than not, it evokes images of you.
How inspiring, how gratifying, how fulfilling,
to have you as part of my magnificent obsession,
included in the achievement of my greatest dreams,
impacting so largely on so many hungry, empty stomachs.
For you to be at this point says so much more words or EyeCandy.
Your actions are a beacon that make a grown man weep every so often,
and I call upon every force of the universe to take note of all your good,
multiplying your blessings only and many times over when you share with others.
Never mind anyone else. You are the completion of my circle and five thousand days,
you are the justification of all these hundreds of thousands of unique creations of love.
accelerate its inevitable proof