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What's the most profitable business today?       That's a great question. The answer to that hasn't changed in at least forty to fifty generations. Again and again the leaders, those referred to at the Highway Of Natural Ways as masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, give us the same answers and secrets, the same great shortcuts that succeed most repeatedly. The billions they have gathered speak loudest of all. No voice speaks louder than the voice of successful experience. They are one reason we have two ears and only one mouth; two eyes and only one mouth. They are the people whom we are going to benefit the fastest as soon as we yammer less and clamor more.

What astonishes the student of "Most Profitable Service" most of all is the repeat finding of simplicity eschewed despite its perfect track record. As simple as the secrets and tricks of the most successful and profitable service are to initiate and maintain, the majority of us lack the magical ingredient that translates thought into action.   What a distance to contemplate: from thought to action. For perhaps the first time in several years, you will join here in a correct use of the single most misunderstood word in the English language.

From thought to deed is a quantum leap, in both senses of the word.

In the common use of the word, "quantum" means huge, vast, and wide leap. Getting any human to take the leap from knowing what to do right into the lake of doing it is the single clearest measure of the difference between haves and have-nots. In reality, "quantum" is so tiny a measurement the finest eyes on earth cannot see it. That's how tiny the leap is from thought to action. How do we bridge the gap betwixt the two?

The gap reduction secret is the same secret of the most success services, the most profitable services, that men and women have proven out for dozens of consecutive generations. There is no coincidence. The commonality is where you find your PowerGem; your definitive shortcut to accelerating results in any and every known human endeavor from microsurgery to efficiently putting out the garbage and recyclables.

Good service, baby.

So too is the deployment, the full utilization of, the magical and mystical, mesmerizing acceleration obtained through understanding this word "quantum." From thought to action, from knowing how something is done to actually doing it; going from a state of understanding what steps need taking into a state of taking just one single step forward is indeed a quantum leap. It's not hard to posit a direct and mathematical connection between success at any human effort and the effort that went into it. Although there is a statstically higher likelihood of being struck by lightning thirty-two times in the same year than there is of winning a NY Lotto jackpot, the two hundred or so people who have won huge amounts in every single case had one perfect commonality: they all bought a ticket!

How utterly foolish to ignore the wisdom we can learn from even something as unlikely as a long-shot lottery win. Staring us in the face, this magical shortcut gets short shrift in our new-age sound byte sentience. "If you can't tell me in ten words or less, why bother?"   This IS the way life has become. We can fight it or make use of it.

No one of integegrity is suggesting you should buy lottery tickets. The money does not go to education as promised, and is frequently referred to as the "poor man's tax;" a description that hardly offends the logical imperative inside of each human.

What IS being suggested is that the most powerful commonality, the one most vital one without which the successful result could not possibly have happened, is the same exact identical feature of all other successes. From lottery millions or movies, train rides and airplane trips, you must have a ticket in order to get what the ticket promises. Is there anything at all written thus far that is not insuperably agreeable to your personal and particular way of thinking? If so, then you're urged to merely continue the thought into the next piece of life's magical puzzles and equally delicious resolutions. Continue by taking any one successful piece of anything in your life, and connecting to another tiny, individually successful bit of something else from your life. You need nothing new; you lack no resource to fast-track yourself in this precise day in time. You will never again receive another . Never mind your New Year's Resolutions, or annual birthday review of your year. That approach has not been working efficiently enough in your life! Concern yourself instead with how you're using . Do you understand? TODAY is what counts. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery; today is a gift, which we know because we call it "the present." It is a 24-hour gift, and you've abused far too many of them.

Service Your Efforts - From the inside out

This is the day to get busy. TODAY!! We do not know how many 's you have left -- ten? Twenty? Even if it's thirty or forty more 's will be filled with excellence? It's a long-term question, and one not really worth exploring here. The only we're interested here is in THIS one:, because you're only getting one of them in this life.

To complete the point, kindly double your focus on the next statement.
Since you only have one in your life, it behooves the wise person inside of you to treat today as if it's the most important day of your life;       ---     because it is.

That quantum leap, from thought to action, is huge and tiny; as huge or as tiny as you yourself declare it to be. The declaration is not to be found in mere words, as much as they help the true foundry and foundation: your actions are your declaration. When those actions are supported by rah-rah words of encouragement and empowerment, the success probabilities continue to increase. This is a consistent of life, what we can call an axiom, each time we put the horse in front of the cart, rather than the reverse. Actions supported by words. It's tiresome to see so many people talk the talk. Even when such people deliver, it's after a great deal of hot air has passed. Those who rise the fastest and most securely up their personal ladders of achievement and fulfillment walk the walk and then support it by self-encouraging positive speech. Other people exposed to this pick up the mood, and carry on the positive inflections of the happiest virus on earth: enthusiasm combined with energy.

You're asked to change the habit of putting the cart before the horse. Let the horse go first. The rah-rah crowd want you to believe that saying it is so. Their asseveration is correct WHEN IT FOLLOWS THE ACTION THAT PRODUCES A BETTER RESULT.

It is no coincidence that those businesses - no matter the industry -- who focus more on delivering what they promise, who focus on this task even more than they focus on getting new customers -- inevitably and always end up with more and happier customers. There is no advertising force on earth as compelling or effective as word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth comes from people who are happy, people who have received at least as much as what they were promised, if not more.

"Our rewards in life are in direct proportion to our commitment to excellence - no matter what the endeavor" Vince Lombardi

All of it comes down to the precise and often measurable or at least observable level of effort that went into it. The more enthusiastically you embrace any concept with enthusiasm and physical energy, the greater and more satisfying are the results -- even when slips and falls occur along the way. This is the essence of the differing meanings of "quantum," and how to tap into its hugely powerful reservoir. This is the essence of all businesses that prove to be "most profitable services," and "most profitable businesses."

Invest and engage the effort to deliver as much or more than promised and you reap tremendously improved results. Because it speeds up the process you'd been using previously, the results are accelerated, which means more quantity in the process of -- in the production of -- greater quality of effort.     If it's not exciting for you to do it - you'd better find something that is, or you lose big time.

Whether you're in the privacy of your mind, creating an organized plan, or whether you're addressing others, or addressing a task that much be accomplished, you will always find at least some mathematical correlation between the quality of effort and the quality of result. Quantity of effort is likenable to the whole quantum concept here invoking syntax (correct order) of action and words. The quantity of efforts measurably increases your results AFTER the quality of effort has been successfully addressed; addressed by engaging higher quality of effort followed by greater quantity of effort.

If you want to ride on that train, you need a ticket. You want to take a crazy shot at winning the lottery? You have to have a ticket. You seek to fly to faraway places on the plane? You must be in possession of a ticket. The difference between the commonly-used and true definitions of "quantam" is the ticket. Your ticket to accelerated results in anything and everything you ever do... and most particularly and profitably with what you do with the one thousand and four hundred and forty minutes you have within to make your dreams come true.

Accelerate the increase of quality and quantity in your life through the use of your best and greatest shortcuts, the shortcuts being used by masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires to achieve quantum leaps... and then some.

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