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You need to stop leaving decisions in the hands of people with a financial motive.
You need not get a medical degree, quite the contrary, in fact. Five minutes!

That's right - five mintues per day learning about what concerns your body.
If you have a specific problem, hush up and learn about it... for 5 minutes!
Within a week, you'll understand how much and how fast you're learning.
The more you learn, the better your decisions are. Is this true, or not?
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EyeCandy hamburger hotlinks, fillips and fill-ins, whatever else helps,
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What you know means less than what you do, master secrets of the universe, are meant for you.

Speak less and do more, with great shortcuts for sure, the Mr-Shortcut Success Zen may hold your cure.

Nothing and no one on earth actually heals you. They can only help you to heal yourself. It's how you work.

Air, water, salt, oil, bulk, & probiotics. These are six cores that make up any Mr-Shortcut Success Zen.

Highway Of Natural Ways - One Percent

Talk is cheap. Do one percent more today, in the next five to ten minutes,
or, become a superstar by investing one percent more of you... in the next ten seconds.

Highway Of Natural Ways Invitation To Live More

Have the nerve to energize all of your efforts, in all the seasons of your life.
Masters and champions use the same, identical shortcuts in their pursuits of excellence.
Please stop thinking that you know better than those who do better than all of us combined.
Have the nerve to energize all of your efforts, and in all the seasons of your lifetime.
Pretend you are a master or a champion, duplicating the tiny steps of role models.
Soon enough, you will duplicate the results of masters and champions.
Ask more people more times each. Know what you are asking for!
Be precise. When you know just where it is you're going,
you have a much higher probability of getting there.

Highway Of Natural Ways Invitation To Succeed More

The Highway Of Natural Ways is an invitation for YOU to succeed faster,
for YOU to get higher, living the Highway Of Natural Ways of our best role models,
champions and billionaires, masters and millionaires, who prove to know best among us all.

Whether you triple your chances of better-quality days by stretching every hour,
whether you learn that asking more people more times each is pure magic,
there are so many great shortcuts for you to use a hundred or more times.
ALERT repetition means being open to tiny advances that bring mastery.
The Highway Of Natural Ways cannot and does not try to do it for you.
This is the most important gig of your life... because it is your life.

SuperThinking - The Highway Of Natural Ways Presents Secrets and Shortcuts of SuperThinking

Happy punishment, compensating for any day missed reading a book or three or more. Happiest punishment is when we suspend all activities just to settle in with books, foods, and smokes. By simply looking up every minute or so, often even less, and re-wording what was learned from a page, a paragraph, a chapter, your retention rate more than triples, indeed, more ---- than ---- triples.

How dare you express an opinion without many repeated experiments or experience? Even the wisest and most well-read man on earth cannot teach you to master the act of swimming without water being nearby for us to get into and practice with.

No opinion is of any value without the combination of repeated repeated repeated experiences COMBINED with knowledge taken in from those who know more than us in the first place before we get that knowledge and experience.

That sentence is worth studying over and over again, with entirely newer and better meanings coming forth after four, five, six, even seven and more repetitions. Consider that axiom, that relatively perfect law of life, because any time and every time you know a set rule in advance, it is comparable to knowing which horse will win the race before the race even starts.

If we ask you to tell us the score of tonight's baseball game before the game starts, you have a range of choices, not just one or two.

You can guess the score, you can examine the team's scoring records, weather factors, current health status, and offer an educated guess. You can call other people to ask them, or you can pull a number out of a hat.

You can throw darts at the wall, you can tell us you have no idea, or, in the last of just these first half-dozen choices you have, you can give us the correct answer, which in itself is arrived at through a variety of means that are not going to occur to you the first or even second time you consider this question of whether or not you can tell us the correct score of the game tonight before the game even starts.

Of course, there are any number of clear thinkers who already knew the answer to the question in its first expression to you. The correct answer is actually easy. The problem is that, as soon as you heard the question, you started forming opinions about the question itself, about how it was framed, whether it was a trick question, or whether you ingested it correctly or.... ... You see? Do you see how many ways there are to go with just about anything?

The point that the Highway Of Natural Ways wants - because it needs - to get into your head is that any new information you take in must be considered from multiple angles in your mind, multiple coigns of vantage, must be considered again and again and again, sometimes repeatedly from one angle, sometimes many times. The more you chew on new information, the higher the likelihood that you will produce better answers.
Many of us know the magical master secret of life that teaches us to ask better questions, because asking better questions has a delicious and near-mystical habit of producing and yielding better answers.

Had you done nothing more than examine the question several times BEFORE forming an opinion or an idea or an answer, you would have realized that you already know the answer to the question, even if you ARE a supposed dope.

The stupidity comes in jumping right in with an opinion, often because you want to let everyone know that you are fast and smart, and not stupid. What does it feel like experiencing the opposite of what you intended? Each time, and most every time you offer up an opinion, it is approximately one hundred percent bogus and/or stupid, because you have neither repeated experience nor a strong studied knowledge of the subject within your life or mind, only in your heart.

Get brilliant in a hurry! Reverse your moronic tendencies to open your mouth before your brain has a fair chance to consider it. This way, the next time someone asks you a question that most people cannot answer ONLY BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CONSIDER THE QUESTION BEYOND THOSE COUPLE OF SECONDS IT TAKES TO ASK THE QUESTION, you will be better prepared.

It was not a trick question. You leaped to the conclusion that you were being asked what the final score of the game would be, as if you're some kind of oracle. Do me a favor, as many Brits like to say when being sarcastic, do me a favor! In fact, your premise and conclusion are far away from what actually took place in the asking.

The Highway Of Natural Ways did not ask you what the score would be after the game. The Highway Of Natural Ways posed a question about the score of the game BEFORE it started. Approximately one hundred percent of us are smart enough to know the correct answer. That is something the Highway Of Natural Ways adores, because knowing something in advance can be turned to your distinct and often repeated advantage agin the vicissitudes and cruelties of life.

If someone asks you what you think the score of the game will be before the game actually starts, you will be able to smile and say, "I heard your question and considered it before telling you now that I don't have to tell you what I THINK, because I know with absolute certainty, and will even wager money on it, that I know the score of the game before it starts, because before any game and every game starts, the score is generally zero to zero."

SuperThinking At The Highway Of Natural Ways

SuperThinking becomes a habit when you make a daily practice of the Highway Of Natural Ways.

SuperThinking is a result of considering a question BOTH repeatedly... ... ... and from different angles of thought, different perspectives based on both your experiences, and your knowledge level of the subject being considered. You can initiate your SuperThinking with your own Highway Of Natural Ways by simply suspending opinions. It is just that simple, and it is not as difficult as you may pretend it to be. Resist the temptation to form an opinion, and you rapidly reap not merely one benefit, either! You experience multiple benefits from every SuperThinking event in your life. Each time and pretty much every time that you suspend your opinions long enough to form an informed opinion, your brain hits the SuperThinking button.

No need to accept the assurance of the Highway Of Natural Ways. Even as each PowerGem of the Highway Of Natural Ways that you use proves to work approximately one hundred percent of the time that it used a hundred times (for those who have already done it one hundred times prior to embracing the Highway Of Natural Ways, it will still work for you roughly one hundred percent of the time. TRY IT YOURSELF! SuperThinking is a choice, SuperThinking is an intention, and you can bet that the act of SuperThinking is a fruit unto itself which ADDS to the yield of your SuperThinking. If you are serious about engaging and employing the Highway Of Natural Ways within your mind and purview for the purpose of developing excellence and then mastery of your mind, then go out of your way to make the effort to engage in the delay of opinion-forming, delay in opening your mouth, until you repeatedly engage in your own form of SuperThinking.

The payoffs are far more than you know, and have worked with former idiots, so they are certain to be gained as well or better by you. Go ahead, SuperThink your way out of or into what is uppermost in your heart and mind.