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You can fairly say that the Highway Of Natural Ways is our most vastly-researched self-empowerment resource:

- the benefits and wisdom absorbed from about fifteen thousand books, some read a dozen or more times each,
- personal experimentation with many thousands of students from every conceivable manner and walk of life.
- secrets and shortcuts gleaned from 5,200 masters and millionaires and champions and billionaires.

When you have the immense good fortune - propelled by "one more try" - to break bread with, or interview,
dozens and dozens of masters and champions, until thousands of days go by and the totals stun;
over five thousand and two hundred masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
When hundreds, then thousands of winning humans say the same thing, pay heed!
More than anyone or anything, THEY personify the Highway Of Natural Ways.
Since we can count their results, their results are the best teachers.
As well, they foundationalize the Highway Of Natural Ways,
by virtue of performing best of us all, repeatedly.
Those who do it better, know it better, right?
Those with the most of all of us?
They ask most of all of us.

When do YOU catch the fire?
When do YOU begin asking more?
When do YOU begin asking more OF?
Asking more of yourself and of others pays off.
This is a guarantee of the Highway Of Natural Ways.
It works about 100 percent of the time when used 100x.
Used more than 100 times, fabulous wealth is guaranteed.
The more times you ask more people each, the more you obtain.
It is the greatest power we can tap in the Highway Of Natural Ways.
The greatest power of all billionaires available to you in this very instant.     For TheHungerSite     Mister-Shortcut.US

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The Highway Of Natural Ways and Mr-Shortcut Success Zen - Food SuperRaisers
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"A thousand" websites sounds poetic, so we refer to a thousand unique and interlinked websites.
It's really 2,389 websites and counting, when we include subdomains earning discrete respect.
Surely a thousand should be enough to create more than a million references to... whatever.
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Highway Of Natural Ways Shapetalk
Best of the Best For YOU

The best of the best, is what we've set out here,
as the goal to be the best, with the best listings we'll cheer.

The best of anything never get there, by accident or whims of chance,
the best of the best do it, the 1% inspiration 99% perspiration dance.

All throughout the Highway Of Natural Ways you shall encounter the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires.
Do not be surprised that the Highway Of Natural Ways fairly represents the ways of champions and billionaires.
The best of the best are those who are brilliant enough to use their ears twice as much as the one mouth.
The best of the best understand why they have two hands, one mouth, two eyes, one mouth, two ears...
that each of these tools is designed for you to use twice as much as your own mouth, to be great.
Not one of the best of the best has ever risen to their levels of mastery by accident, have they?

How mathematical does it have to be? Better efforts, better results. Best efforts yield best results, hm?
Knowing this in advance of ANY greatness on anyone's part, you get to use this knowledge on purpose.
You get to use this knowledge over and over again, with just the one rule of improving by one percent.

Everything you ever put your hand, eye, or mind to is going to be subservient to your use of this.
There is no human effort immune to this magical master secret of the universe to becoming "best."
In just your first week, that tiny little one percent adds up to skills you may have long wished to have.
When you advance by one percent every time, never squandering your profit, you rapidly double results.
ANYTHING you double ten times without squandering profit leaves you more than a thousand times better off.
The best of the best fully comprehend the enormous power of holding off opinion just enough to imitate mastery.
If you dearly wish to find yourself at the front of the pack, with the greatest, hush up and use these secrets instantly.
Identifying who is the best of the best within any of the fields of YOUR interest, YOUR true concern, you leap to the front.
Whether you enjoy learning it or not, one truth of life is that most people are far too profoundly stupid to awaken their genius.
They prefer to list excuses rather than list ways to get it done, preferring to list obstacles instead of effective and useful answers.
The Highway Of Natural Ways has proven again and again that EVERY human possesses genius, so easily awakened upon command.
Imitating those who do it better frees up many internal resources so that your own experience and wisdom craft innovation, invention.
Imitate those who do it better, the best of the best. Imitate their actions, words... and results
The Highway Of Natural Ways aims to present the best advertising opportunities, along with the master secrets of the universe.
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From the best of the best to the greatest of the greatest, STOP LISTENING to people who tell you it cannot be done.
What they are telling you is that THEY cannot get it done, and that is fine, provided they stop naysaying you to tears.
What they are telling you is that, just because they choose not to bring out the best of their own best efforts and results,
well, then, that automatically means you must be stupid or hopelessly romantic or unrealistically idealistic or other term,
and that there is no good reason for you to think that you can be the greatest you, that you even CAN be the best of your best.

Cease giving your fair attention to naysayers. They only tell you what they themselves are unwilling to do. They are not you.
Bring out the best of your best simply, even EASILY, by doing your best at everything, not just a specific, narrow interest.
The greatest of the greatest, the best of the best in basically EVERY field of human endeavor tend to be good at most things.
Get only one percent better every time you tie your shoelaces or comb your hair or fill out a report or whatever you do.

Not through endless waiting of months or years, in just days, others will begin noticing better things about you.
Those who cannot see the best of your best are too blinded by their own personal unwillingness to be great.
When you improve by one percent or more every time you repeat an act, your mastery grows and grows.
Your greatness is already there now, inside of you. We have seen it too rarely to applaud you SO much.
Now, today, the Highway Of Natural Ways invites you to engage your own Highway Of Natural Ways.
Let your actions speak louder than your words. Excellence, like cream, rises to the top.
When you continually improve by one percent, your job is to make sure more see it.
More people, more organizations, make sure that MORE ... see you at your best.
Your progress will quite likely be more rapid than in your wildest dreams,
you will join with the best of the best, even the greatest of the greatest,
growing via YOUR Highway Of Natural Ways and Mr-Shortcut Success Zen