Mr. Rich Simonetti, VP

 Regarding our recruitment advertising:

·         In Sunday Newsday (9/22) we ran a modest ad (12 lines, $287).  We obtained eight responses.

·          Vigorously told by WKJY-FM that decent response to classified ads on the radio REQUIRES a minimum of 50-100 airings of a commercial: $104 pr spot.     We ended up with 24 spots (morning drive time and afternoon drive time), at $1419.50 --  $57 pr spot.       Plus, in order to get us to commit to at least four weeks (inducing those 50-100 airings), they agreed to fifty consecutive hourly sponsorships slots, announcing their call sign and “KJOY presents our weekend with the best of the Seventies, brought to you by Masada Security...LEARN why America is choosing Masada Alarms. 800-671-SAFE.”      50 times in 50 hours.    $1800 worth of valuable sponsorship slots.  Free...   ...with a commitment to four weeks;  not unlike Masada’s offer to the public.  WKJY gave us the opportunity to get our name out there, stimulate TM’g and sales credibility AND advertise for sales reps and TM’ers.   Steve Moran reports that a large customer he successfully bid upon told Steve that he’d heard our ads on the radio, and was impressed. 

·          We’ve received over a dozen responses from that first shot, & with the extra punch of our participation in the Home Show at Nassau Coliseum, it’s reasonable to look for this weekend’s ad to pull an even better response. 

Ad #1 from last week will air 6 times this weekend; Ad #2 will air 18 times.

·         With our newly-invigorated efforts to participate in more mall shows and flea markets as per Gerry Geller’s suggestion, Bob Fleischman’s new plan to more aggressively pursue the signing-up of Affiliates, and my own efforts toward recruiting, I believe we can look forward to October and November being months that the NY office will, if you’ll pardon the expression, cause NJ and other offices to eat our dust.

Last but not least: Last week, we successfully arrived at and executed a decision to recruit by radio the course of one business day!   It required the agreement and cooperation of every manager here... and it got done.   Rich, synergy definitely happened.  Gerry Geller, Rich Simonetti, Bob Fleischman, Eliot, and Mario ALL got busy, ALL worked together, and now we have more than a dozen people coming in for interviews today and Monday.

Please advise the board that the NY office is indeed Awakening The Giant within ourselves.

We know that excellence cannot occur accidentally.

The people who get ahead in life either find the circumstances they most desire... or create them.




                                                                                                Steve Rubin

                                                                                                Marketing Manager